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Welcome to Stellaron Core Edition

A PHP browsergame based on OGame with influence of 4X games genre like Stellaris, Civilization, Endless Space, and others.

Please read carefully this README and understand certain features are not included. If you are still interested, contact [email protected]

Why "Stellaron Core"?

This unique repository was created in order to keep your game identical to Stellaron, excluding exclusive add-ons requested by other customer like you.

Understand the Reborn UI is not included either on Core and Full version. Please login in this demo to see what you expect to receive if you opt out for Core version. The Full Version includes the exclusive features listed below.

Understand these exclusive add-ons as features that are not integrated on Stellaron core.

What are those "exclusive" add-ons?

  • Dynamic Officier System (players have their own officiers and level up them)
  • Event Awaken Empire (major pvpve event where players can join one side and fight with a overpowered bot on ACS)
  • Event Universe Fortress (battle against alliances to see who conquers and owns longer the Universe Fortress megastructure)
  • Event Archaeology Exploration (random planets/bodies across the galaxy with rewards and unlockables)
  • Monthly PvP Medal Season
  • Weekly Seasonal Tasks
  • Planet celestial body modifier*
  • Autofleet tools (automatic exploration, recycling and asteroid farm)*
  • Archaeology System
  • OGame Class System *

* Features in green from the list above means they will be added in future without charging additional costs!

If you are interested in any of them, and with permission of the requester, please contact [email protected]

Getting Started

Stellaron has been tested on a Digital Ocean droplet with 2GB RAM, 2vCPUs and 50GB SSD. During gameplay, the loadpage speed was around 0.4 to 0.7ms.

This game has been tested on Vesta, CyberPanel panel and default LAMP setup. It is recommended to use CyberPanel if you are a beginner, because it auto-generates Let's Encrypt SSL for you and easy php.ini editing.

Pre-warning for versions updated before March 2020

If your server is installed with repository version below Major Update + New features + Balance + Awaken (2/03/2020), the new update will require database changes and maintenance before goes live. This update includes new features, new balance content and performance and, therefore, some database structure had to be reworked. PHP files, located at root path, used to call synchronous updates to the game (like PayPal or votesites) are now located at root/api/* folder.



Server requirements * VPS or Dedicated Server * 4GB RAM recommended (2GB RAM minimum) * 1GB of space minimum * Shared VPS CPU can be used * PHP = 7.3 (PHP 7.4 is UNSTABLE)

Software * SSH Access (PuTTY is recommended) * Composer

Composer required content

"require": {
    "facebook/graph-sdk": "~5.0",
    "geoip2/geoip2": "~2.0",
    "xsolla/xsolla-sdk-php": "^2.6",
    "mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib": "^2.8",
    "phpmailer/phpmailer": "^6.0",
    "paypal/rest-api-sdk-php": "*",
    "endroid/qr-code": "^3.6",
    "google/cloud-translate": "*",
    "chriskonnertz/bbcode": "*"


Software * IPB Forum (optional, not-included, in-game interface supported) * Flarum (optional, not-included, in-game interface supported)

Installation & Deployment

Download the master files zip from GitHub or import the git file on GitHub Desktop/SSH. Make sure you have permission to access the repository.

Upload to your server the file compressed and unzip through SSH/internal file manager or export the files on your computer, select all files, and drop into your server window (like FileZilla)


It is highly recommended you recompile Composer files rather than using Stellaron root/vendor/* folder. Try to follow these steps, but if you fail to compile the required assets, use Stellaron root/vendor/* instead.

On your SSH window, run this code:

php composer.phar update


When you have completed the Composer step, now open the following file:


and change

define('IP_WHITELIST', 'string');

to your IP

define('IP_WHITELIST',; // random IP for example

In-game install

Once you have done this, access your game URL. You will be redirected to an installation setup guide.

You will be requested on step 4 to enter:
Host IP
Database name
Database username
Database password

If information is entered correctly and match with server properties, you will step forward to account creation.

You will be requested on step 5 to enter:
Admin name
Admin password
Admin email

If the setup was successful, you'll be redirected to Admin Panel and when you click on "Game" button from top navigation bar and you'll get no errors.

Otherwise, if you get a error, please report to [email protected] .

Update policy and considerations

Not every update done on Stellaron are available instantly at this repository, because may need debugging with players, balance adjustments and/or achieve a stable stage.

But any bug-fix, issue reported or commits done on Steemnova (the 2Moons extension where Stellaron is based on), it gets available instantly on this repository.

Just a final note.

I understand when you open your game, you want to remove any linked text related with Stellaron, but I pledge you to keep at least any indication on login footer or login top nav bar the button that says "make your own game". You pay a great stack, true, but doesn't mean that big stack is enough to pay for extensions, server costs, test players and the hours of work invested on this unique project.

Enable Events

NEW! Since 5th June, the installation file have been reworked and some sweet functions/features were added into Stellaron. One of them is the automatic creation of system account which will handle your cronjob events. For this reason, the "Enable Events" guide is partially deprecated.

  • Once a system account is set up, go to uni1_cronjob table, and on the events you want to enable on certain universe, change isActive column to 1. You may need to set time column to 0, so you can force the event to start on the exact moment you're editing the table.
    1. If the column lock looks like a random md5 hash, that means the cronjob was blocked and not executed. Check includes/error.log for more information.
    2. Certain events can have the auto-activate and auto-disable tool enabled. Please check it on includes/constants.php
  • That's it! You have your events enabled and running on Stellaron :)

    Votesite callback script

    By default, when you install the game, the votesite script will provide the buttons to vote for Stellaron. To edit it in order to vote for your game, open the file includes/classes/VoteSystem.class.php.

    On self::Votesites, you modify it into your ID/key the votesite may provide you.

    On self::Darkmatter, you can modify how much darkmatter player will receive, if he completes his vote.

    Anything else on that file you do not need to edit, unless you want to rewrite the Vote class by yourself.



    • [x] [INCLUDED ON THIS REPOSITORY] New Installation system
    • [INCLUDED ON THIS REPOSITORY] New Multiuniverse handler
    • [INCLUDED ON THIS REPOSITORY] New Admin Panel with much more tools


    • Roberto Vilas - Initial work
    • Lu Jun - collaborator


    • Discord - Qwatayean#8543
    • Email - [email protected]
    • Ticket support -