In what Stellaron differs from other OGame servers?


Megastructures is one of our major ingame integrations. After you level up certain technologies, you'll be able to create unique planet types with different features like Dark Matter production, view neighbour planets on the galaxy, upgraded mines, etc.


You can create your own ship/defense and design it equipping over than 100+ pieces divided into six main categories - Weapons, Shield, Engines, Reactors, Armor and Auxiliary - until you make the perfect battleship.

Automatic Building System

You can't manage your vast empire? You have too many planets? Synthetics service are the solution for you. This unique feature allows the planet develop by itself without you being worried about it.

Unique Fleeting Features

You can quickly send expeditions without losing time with one-click, aswell send ships against planet from Galaxy Page without leaving the system you're scouting at the moment. Even better, you can create fleet templates.